Jessie Schmitt

Growing up and marrying into the military, I was exposed to all sorts of art and took advantage of it all my life. I started with art classes early (instead of ballet) which carried through to college where I attended school in New Mexico and Virginia. I have exhibited in shows and galleries in Florida, Connecticut, New Jersey, Virginia and North Carolina. I have worked in clay; photography; painting in oil, pastel and watercolor; and drawing in graphite, pen/ink and charcoal. I’ve been teaching 20+ years, primarily drawing methods and techniques. I am inspired by the classic illustrators: N.C., Andrew and Jamie Wyeth; Edward Gorey and Gustave Dore; Maurice Sendak; and currently Alan Lee and John Howe, along with the paintings of John Constable and others of that era.

I am currently enjoying rediscovering watercolor and teaching drawing — concentrating on the basics and the classic philosophy of learning how to see.