Peg Schroeder

Peg Schroeder and her clay-artist husband, David, had been long time visitors to the High Country until making it their full-time home in 2012.  Peg began weaving soon after and found the combination of symmetry and creativity inspiring and satisfying.  She studied in Boone and Crossnore, then with renowned Penland weaver, Edwina Bringle, and through the Master Weaving program from Olds College of Alberta, Canada.

Creating wearables, household items such as table runners, towels, and rugs, as well as wall-art, she is often inspired by nature incorporating objects found on hikes as well as up-cycled building materials, beads and bells into her weaving.

Her fiber choices are varied including cotton, bamboo, wool, alpaca, silk, and others.  She especially enjoys working with fibers hand-spun and dyed by women in fair-trade cooperatives around the world; she feels a community with these women as she weaves their yarns.